Steven sanfilippo

ma, mhc-lp



Steven brings with him an integrative approach. He has been teaching yoga meditation for 10 years and utilizes the many deep and profound lessons he has learned in his spiritual practice to help facilitate his psychotherapeutic practice.

He has worked with varied populations including substance abusers, people with developmental and learning disabilities, people with severe mental illness, people with personality difficulties, and transition age youth (18-25).

Throughout his experience, he has developed an eclectic style, calling on cognitive, dialectical, motivational, and Jungian approaches in his practice. He believes that the psychotherapeutic alliance helps us to recognize that we are not lonely beings in a cold, apathetic universe, but beings without discrete boundaries that need connection and ultimately love.



  1. Anxiety/depression

  2. Interpersonal issues

  3. Spirituality/spiritual practice