community support resources

Emergency Hotline Contacts

Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program (CPEP, Psych ED):  (585) 275-4501

Monroe Mobile Crises Team:

Direct:  (585) 529-3721

Lifeline:  (585) 275-5151

*Call Lifeline (instead of going to the Psych ED) if:

·      The crisis is not suicidal risk

·      The individual is willing to be seen at home or at a neutral location

·      Additional support is needed to manage the crisis

·      Referrals for additional supports or services is needed

For Crisis Contact information:


211 Helpline Center:

211 is a hotline phone number meant to provide information and referrals to mental health, medical health, human and social service organizations.  Dial 211 to connect you or your loved one to the appropriate resources.

For general information on 211:

For additional information on the 211 resource database, suicide & crisis support, child care resources, volunteer information, and military & family support:

Abuse, Neglect, & Trauma

Willow Domestic Violence Center:

24-Hour Hotlines:  Phone (585) 222-SAFE (7233); TTY (585) 232-1741

Office:  (585) 232-5200



Bivonia Child Advocacy Center:

Phone:  (585) 935-7800

Address:  1 Mount Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY 14608

General Information:


NYS Child Abuse Hotline:  1 (800) 342-372

U of R Mental Health & Wellness Services

For General Information:

For patient & family resources, service options, and list of medical and mental health professionals:

Family & Marriage Therapy:  (585) 273-5050

For the Adult Partial Hospitalization Program information:

Partial Hospitalization Program:  (585) 276-7620

Outpatient Adult Services:  (585) 273-5050

For the Child and Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program information:

Partial Hospitalization Program:  (585) 273-1776

Outpatient Child/Adolescent Services:  (585) 279-7800

LGBTQ Resources

The Gay Alliance:

A group whose mission is to educate the community on LGBTQ issues, provide supports, medical and mental health resources, and offer a safe space for LGBTQ individuals.

For general information & available resources:

For the resource directory home page, a conglomeration of topics and contact information for important LGBTQ resources:


Phone Number:  (585) 244-8640



Address:  100 College Avenue #100, Rochester, NY 14607


LGBT Healthcare:

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Call for support, to connect with a sponsor, or to find a nearby meeting.

Phone Number:  (585) 232-6720

For AA’s informational homepage:

For a list of local AA meetings:

AIS (Al-Anon Information Service) Center

Phone Number:  (585) 288-0540 *24-hour information service

Address:  2480 Browncroft Blvd., Suite 140, Rochester, NY 14625




For the Al-Anon Information Service general information, local meetings for family members and teens, FAQs, and other helpful resources:

Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

For a list of local NA meetings:

Phone Number: (585) 235-7889 *24-hour support hotline

Overeaters Anonymous (OA)

For general information:

For a list of local OA meetings:

Phone Number:  (585) 234-5435

Call for support or to request additional information.


Do you, a loved one, or someone you know struggle with hoarding?

To connect with a local support group:

Phone Number:  Contact Peer Desk, (585) 325-3145 ext. 144


Address:  320 N. Goodman Street Rochester, NY 1460

Mental Health Association of Rochester, NY

For the Support Group Directory and a list of the currently available support groups for the following topics:  abuse, addiction, bereavement (grief), disabilities, family & parenting, health, mental health, and more:

National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI)

The Rochester chapter of NAMI is a not-for-profit organization established to bring mental health resources out into the Rochester community.  A variety of resources are at your disposal through NAMI.  Scroll through their website below to find the appropriate resources for you, your family, or loved one.  Resources are available for those struggling with mental illness, family members affected by mental illness, mental health professionals, and other professionals in the fields of education and medicine.


Phone Number:  (585) 423-1593

Address:  320 Goodman St. N. # 102, Rochester, NY 1460