how we work


Our mission is simple

We want to meet you where you are, right now in your everyday life, and help guide you to wherever you want to go. We do this by putting our compassion in motion to provide grounded, effective, holistically-informed therapy services and group activities. 

We operate as a group

This affords us the unique ability to provide diverse services effectively and with strong support as opposed to practitioners who operate in solo practices.  We did this on purpose. It gives us 200+ collective years of experience, knowledge, wisdom to pull from when we are working with you or your family. 

We are uniquely qualified.

All of our therapists work not only with individuals but with relational dynamics, which research is showing is nothing less than essential to genuine health and happiness.  We exist as relational beings and some of our best work happens within the context of relationships, whether it be through couples, families, or the therapeutic relationship with individuals. 

We work with all age ranges and backgrounds

Some of our clinicians work very well with children, others with older adults, others with couples.  Depending on your need, we will direct you toward the right fit for you!  

We are here to help

We want to offer you the support, confidence, and guidance you need to change and begin taking steps in the right direction. We will also collaborate to heal emotional pain and traumas you may be carrying or family issues that are disrupting your life. We will walk with you into a renewed life.