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Who do we serve?

Here at Crossbridge Counseling, we serve individuals, couples, children, and families in the Rochester, NY area. We offer therapy services, groups, workshops, retreats and more. Click below to see what services might be a fit for you or your family OR use the menu bar up to navigate. Together, we have 200+ years of experience working with some of the concerns you may have--stress, anxiety, relationship troubles, behavioral problems, addictions, and more... we are here to help! 


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Are you an individual in need of some support or looking for opportunities to grow and connect? Find out what we can offer you. 



Are you part of a couple that is struggling right now? Are you and your partner wanting to learn how to be more harmonious? Let us help you. 



Are you part of a family or have a child that is having a hard time? We have lots of ways we might be able to support you. Check out what we offer.