Ways to Build Constructive Power as Managers


·        Mentally put yourself in the other person’s position before you give instructions or make demands.

·        Look for the unique qualities and skills each worker bring to their position.

·        Help people to succeed especially when they are facing challenges. People who feel respected and supported become loyal and motivated.

·        Understand the power that comes from your role. Be mindful about how your race, sex, nationality, class and sexual orientation might affect your power.

·        Understand the difference in power among those who work for you and how their race, sex, nationality, class and sexual orientation affects their power.

·        Delegate responsibility.

·        Fairly compensate employees.


·        Think of employees as underlings, lesser people or easily replaceable. Your business success depends on trained, experienced workers who will stay for the long term.

·        Take over tasks you have assigned to others or tasks that are a part of someone else’s job.