SERVICES FOR children & Families

We offer several services from which your family and/or child may benefit. See descriptions below or click on the photos for more information about family or child therapy and more ways to learn & interact with others in group settings that may enhance your experience of these important relationships.


Family or child counseling is focused on your specific family or child and what your particular strengths and struggles are within your family. Click on the photo above for more information. 



These are great places to interact with others in the community who are interested in hands-on learning and processing of specific types of topics and/or concerns related to mental well-being, relationships, and skills.  

Click on the photo to see what separates groups, workshops, and retreats, and which ones are available right now.


Great ways to learn with others that requires a little less interaction than groups, workshops, and retreats (if that's not your thing) and more information gathering.

Click on the photo to see how classes & seminars differ and what's available right now.