Brittany Masetta




Brittany creates an environment of compassion and hope in therapy.  Her therapeutic perspective is grounded in seeing the world through a systemic lens as each person is a relational being.  Brittany works with her clients on a holistic level, acknowledging and working with the bio-psycho-social-cultural-spiritual components that color each person’s inner and outer world.

She places significant value on cultivating a therapeutic relationship in which clients truly feel seen, heard, understood, and guided.  The therapeutic relationship is used as a tool for modeling growth.

Brittany works best with those who are ready to grow and change, but may feel lost in their journeys.  She incorporates an eclectic mix of therapeutic modalities, modeled to her client’s specific needs in therapy.  Brittany is passionate about helping others heal, find peace, and reignite joy in their lives.




  1. Trauma & PTSD 
  2. Relationship Issues 
  3. Family Conflict