A word on the spiritual significance of "breath"

The word "spirit" derives from the word "breath," (spiritus in Latin).  Literally breath gives life.  Figuratively , the word "spiritual" connotes whatever is of central and ultimate importance in all aspects of one's life.  It is at the core of one's physical nature, psychological awareness, social relations, and connectedness to one's world. It is what gives us life.

The spiritual dimension of one's life is very particular and unique to each person's experience , yet it is universally present in all humans everywhere. It is not difficult to see how in the context of a [therapeutic meeting] in which we encounter the threat of major change, or deal with the losses and meaning in life, the spiritual aspects of our life are involved.

We might feel "de-spirited" and we need to be" in-spired" again. We need to figuratively "take a deep breath" and remember who we are in the core of our being.


Mary-Therese B. Dombeck

Crossbridge Counseling

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